Primetimers is an awesome group that provides opportunities to get to know other adults and enjoy good company through day trips and other activities.

For ages: 50 & up

Our Men's Ministry is solely dedicated to building and equipping the men of this local church to be what God has called them to be.

Our youth group has gatherings each month that allow for positive, constructive interaction, and lessons that are relevant to their lives.
For ages: 12-17

Our college & career group offers those in a very challenging and pivotal time in their life an opportunity for fellowship and growth.
For ages: 18-36 single

Young Marrieds gives couples the opportunity to connect with others and to encourage a strong God-based marriage that will last.
For ages: 18 - 49 couples

Single Adults Ministry provides an opportunity for singles to fellowship and support one another to encourage spiritual growth.
For ages: 37 & up single

With scheduled worship time and inspirational lessons, each youth and child will grow and learn life lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime.
For ages: 2-11

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The ladies have an exciting schedule of activities that allow for time together in a social setting with a spiritual base.